Whistle Review

Starring : Whistle

Director : Atlee

Producers : Kalpathi S. Aghoram

Music Director : A.R. Rahman

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Espicy Rating:

Movie Review: Whistle

Director : Atlee

Producer : Kalpathi S. Aghoram

Music Director : A.R. Rahman

Starring : Vijay, Nayantara, Jackie Shroff, Vivek, Kathir

Release date: 25th October 2019

Rating: 3/5

Whistle is a sport based drama in which Vijay and Nayantara are playing the lead roles and the movie is helmed by Atlee. The movie has finally arrived at the theaters today. Let’s see how it is.

 Story: Michel(Vijay)’ friend who is a ladies’ football coach gets badly injured and forces  Michel to take up the job to train the women football team.  The twist arises in the story when ladies in the team say no for Michel as their coach. What is the reason behind it? Who is  Michel? Will Michel train the team ? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.

 Plus Points:

·         Vijay’ performance

·         Social message 

·         Productions values

·         Direction

 Minus Points:

·         First half slow

·         Run Time

 Performance:  Once again Vijay has proved that he is a good performer. Performing like this is something that Vijay excels at, and director Atlee has used this to the film’s advantage. Atlee showcases Vijay in two different roles- as an aged gangster and a football coach. The manner Vijay deals with each of the players looks good on the screen. Nayantara looks cute. Vivek is on in his comedy. Kathir as Vijay’s friend is also good. Jackie Shroff has delivered his best in the role of main villain. Rest of the cast performed accordingly.

 Technical: The plot is not new. There is no surprise in terms of the story. All the songs are good on screen.  The visuals effects are commendable. Cinematography by G K Vishnu is one of the highlights of the technical works in the movie Whistle. Editing is ok.  Action department has done good work in composing the action sequences. Production values are rich.  There are not any glaring errors on the direction front. 

 Analysis: Whistle deals with women empowerment. The movie has mass elements and social message.