Subramaniapuram Movie

Starring : Sumanth , Eesha Rebba

Director : Santossh Jagarlapudi

Producers : Beeram Sudhakara Reddy

Music Director : Shekar Chandra

Release Date : 7th December 2018

Espicy Rating:

After bouncing back to create along with his previous film, Malli Raava, hero Sumanth has joined hands with debutant director Santossh Jagarlapudi for a supernatural adventure story, Subrahmanyapuram. The film has Eesha Rebba because the feminine lead, whereas veteran actors Suresh and Saikumar play crucial roles. Beeram Sudhakar Reddy has created the film. Amid a good buzz, the film has hit screens worldwide nowadays. Let’s see what worked and didn’t in it.


The film’s story is primarily focused around a mysterious village named Subrahmanyapuram. Sumanth, a staunch atheist from Hyderabad, lands in Subrahmanyapuram as a part of his analysis concerning gods.On the opposite hand, a series of mysterious suicides grip the complete village in worry. All the irrational villagers claim that the suicides are happening because of the fury of the Lord Karthikeya. At this time, Sumanth sets out on a mission to unearth the mystery behind these suicides. can he achieve success find the reality forms the remainder of the story?

Plus Points:

The intriguing plot is that the main highlight of Subramanyapuram. Especially, sure events within the last half have interaction the audience until the top. The core story doesn’t get diluted with inessential parts and also the crucial twist throughout the pre-climax is attention-grabbing. 

Sumanth is high notch in his role of associate degree atheist. His performance within the scene wherever he confronts the villagers stands out. Eesha Rebba appearance smart in her girl-next-door character and conjointly emoted well throughout the film. Senior hero Suresh gets a meaty role and he plays it well.

Minus Points:

The major downside of Subrahmanyapuram is that the film provides a dejavu feeling of Nikhil’s 2014 hit supernatural adventure story, Karthikeya. ranging from the start, the complete script of Subrahmanyapuram, together with hero’s characterization and therefore the climax twist, is heavily influenced by Karthikeya. 

Technical Aspects:

Director Santhossh Jagarlapudi will associate good job in his debut. He chooses a awfully acquainted story and additionally runs it on a predictable setup. However, he manages to take care of the intrigue consider the half with some attention-grabbing twists. 

The film’s production values square measure adequate. Sekhar Chandra’s background score and a few of situational songs square measure spectacular. tricks in some night sequences is kind of sensible, however enough care ought to are taken in a number of the indoor scenes. There square measure a few of lackluster scenes within the half that might are altered out.


On the full, Subrahmanyapuram could be a passable mystery adventure story that has some tight thrills. However, the audience needs to with patience wait till the pre-interval sequence to expertise the particular drama. The film is clearly geared toward the a middle and multiplex audience and can please their sensibilities. Finally, all people who have watched Karthikeya would notice the setup acquainted, except for people who didn't, this films ends as an honest watch this weekend.

Bottom Line: Sumanth Bounce Back With Decent Thriller