Sarkar Telugu Movie

Starring : Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Yogi Babu

Director : Murugadas

Producers : Kalanithi Maran

Music Director : A.R. Rahman

Release Date : 6th Nov

Espicy Rating:

      Tamil star hero Vijay and star director Murugadas is back with thriller 'Sarkar'. Keerthy Suresh is the heroine and Varalaxmi Sharath Kumar has played the lead role in this movie.AR Rahman has composed the music and the film has been released today. Let's see how the audience gains its attention towards the film.


  Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay) is the CEO of the top most company in the world. Sundar Ramaswamy is worthy of voting because of his father's death in his life and soon he comes to his hometown to use his voting right. But his vote is cast by someone else. He files a case and requests back his vote and also demands there be fresh elections in the state. After some dramatic consequences, the court orders the dissolution of the elections and order the elections again. This does not go down well by the opposition party which tries to hunt him down. Upset with this, Sundar takes a decision to himself contest the elections. Rest of the story is as to how he faces all the corruption and comes out with flying colors in the elections.


 Tamil star Vijay who has acted as the CEO in the topmost company in the world and looks very stylish. There are many mass elevations executed for him as his fans will just love him as Sundar Ramaswamy. He steals the show with his standout performance and is extremely good in all the emotional scenes.

 Senior actor, Radha Ravi is superb as the cunning politician. Yet another surprise package of the film is Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar. She is top notch as the lady politician and has terrific screen presence. All her scenes with Vijay have been executed well. Comedian Yogi Babu made his attempt to laugh at the two or three scenes that he had. 

Keerthy Suresh looks good but sadly, she does not have much to do in the film. Director Muragadas has taken a good storyline of politics. He was impressed with his mark direction. The manner in which has shown how much injustice is being done to people in all areas of society due to the corruption of the political leaders as the main is impressive.


Though the director Murugadas had a good storyline regarding the election, the things become routine. But he was impressed with his mark direction in some emotional scenes and political scenes. Tamil Nativity in the film does not appear too much.

The drama between Vijay and Varalakshmi becomes jaded during the climax as things happen very easily for Vijay and his team. The climax is also feeling very simple.

The proceedings in the second half lack flow. The main thread of CM’s wife changing things on their head during the climax lacks logic and this is where things end on a dull note in the film.

Finally, there are a few things that are connected to the audience in this film but the director is more interested in elevating his planned political drama.


      As per the technical department, the director has taken a good storyline regarding Murugadas politics. But the narrative was not written as interesting. AR Rahman’s music is one of the most disappointing works of his in recent times. Not even one song makes sense at all. But he covers it up with a decent background score. Editing is below par as close to ten minutes of action sequences could have been chopped off. Dialogues are good and the dubbing done is perfect.

Girish Gangadharan cinematography is great. He has shown a lot of scenes in the film as realistic and very beautiful. Production values by Sun Pictures are top notch as a lot of money has been spent to make the film look politically perfect.

Bottom line:   Vijay’s One Man Show