Rajini Kanth 2.0 Movie

Starring : Rajini kanth, Akshay kumar, Amy Jackson,

Director : Shankar

Producers : LYCA

Music Director : A.R.Rehman

Release Date : November 29,2018

Espicy Rating:

Superstar Rajinikanth-Shankar's combination has been released on screens at a high record level of 2.0 which has more hype over visual effects than Craze. There are huge estimations in Telugu rather than in Tamil Industry. The expectations have been doubled on the film because it is a 3D film entirely of the robot sequel. Let's look at the review of the 2.0.


In Chennai City suddenly the cell phones disappear on everyone's hands. The mobile showroom owner of the company CEO ministers will be murdered by the invisible power. The government seeks help from Scientist Vasikaran (Rajinikanth) to find the reason behind the mystery. Vasikaran reconstructs the Robo(Chitti) With the help of  Vennala(AmyJackson). This is known to the king of the dead bird (Akshay Kumar) was hanged in the past and he was killed by a clever sketch of Vasikaran and entered into the eagle body. Then Rajanikanth comes to stop the destruction. The story follows a fierce battle between the bird king and then 2.0.


The visual effects are the main strength of the film excellent casting with amazing visuals. Technical wizard Shankar is a magic made on Indian cinema. There is no doubt that this visual wonder. Shankar gave a good visual treat for the film.

Superstar Rajinikanth has done well with his matured performance. He has been featured in some action scenes, especially in the film with his mark. Akshay Kumar, who played the most crucial role in the film, and acted as Crow Man, has done justice to his role. Akshay acting in some action sequences related to him is a special attraction.

Other actors who appeared in other roles also impressed with their performance. Shankar has a good directing performance with a lot of balance in the story. The things that he wants to say about the cell phone are also very impressive. Also, his global message in the film is also appreciated.


Director Shankar did not put the concentration on the story as he kept on visuals and taking. Each scene in the movie is seen as the action sequences and the visuals are very impressive. But if the film is totally out there, the storyline is a flop. Some scenes are also interesting. In addition, the entire film is very serious, because the audience who desires the entertainment will be somewhat impatient.Interestingly, the thrust of the scenes in the stretching scenes missed. Amy Jackson is also a robot that’s why heroine feel in the movie was missed. 


Director Shankar gave a good visual treat to showcase a huge picture with huge visuals. Though some scenes are well-shot with spectacular visuals, he did not write the story at that level. Music provided by AR Rahman is good. His background score is also very impressed with the visuals that are still present. Nirav Shah cinematography is great. Every scenario in the film was shot in the direction of the director's view, with a lot of visuals that are very beautiful.

Antony editing is also good. But there are some stretching scenes that are scarce. The producer is producing this film rather than compromise. His construction values are good. Special thanks to Subhash Saran for providing such Visual Wonder.

Bottom line:

On the whole, the international level VFX, the action thrills between Rajini and Akshay, lavish sets and amazing action, this films is one hell of an experience for the viewers. The film has a very universal message and will be like all over the country and break several records in the south. watch this film with your family and have a whale of a time.