Palasa 1978

Starring : Rakshit, Nakshatra

Director : Kirana Kumar

Producers : Dhyan Atluri

Music Director : Raghu Kunche

Release Date : 06/03/2020

Espicy Rating:

Palasa 1978 starring Rakshit and Nakshatra, has hit the theaters today on 6th March 2020.  Let’s see the story of Palasa 1978.

Story: The story is of 1978 in Palasa. The village has two heads Pedda Shavukaru (Jenny) and his brother, Gurumurthy (Raghu Kunche). They are proud of their caste supremacy and try to dominate the lower caste people. Mohan Rao (Rakshit) is living with his elder brother. How Pedda Shavukaru  and Gurumurthy try to exploit Mohan Rao and his brother and how they turns violent, form rest of the story.

Plus Points:

·         Performance

·         Dialogues

·         Music

·         First Half

Minus Points:

·         Screenplay

·         Slow Pace

·         Weak Climax

Performance:   Rakshit has given decent performance in the role of  Mohan Rao. Thiruveer who was last seen in George Reddy is fine. Nakshatra looks like a pretty face but has got no scope to exhibit her acting talent. She got very limited screen space. Jenny and Raghu Kunche are good in the role of villains. The actor who essayed the role of  elder brother Ranga Rao steals the show in the aggressive and intense scenes.

Technical: Though the film has routine story but the director Kiran Kumar intelligently packed it in a small town and 1970-80s period. There are some good scenes right from the start to the end which makes his work. The film’ pace is slow. Raghu Kanchu’ music and background score are superb. The camera work and the production design are excellent. Editing is just ok. The production Values are good.

Analysis: The first half of Palasa 1978 is impressive with gritty action sequences and excellent dialogues. The film is gritty with interesting screenplay and raw emotions. Simple routine with unique narration.