NOTA Telugu Movie

Starring : Vijay Devarakonda, Mehreen Pirzada

Director : Anand Shankar

Producers : KE Gnanavel Raja

Music Director : Sam CS

Release Date : 05 october 2018

Espicy Rating:

Growing superstar Vijay Deverakonda latest movie NOTA  is a political thriller. It is directed by Anand Shankar. The political thriller has hits the screen today let’s see whether it hits expectations or not.


A youngster Varun ( Vijay Deverakonda) becomes CM all of sudden when his father vasudev (Nasser) facing some criminal cases  and CBI arrests varun’s  father and he go to jail. As varun was a young guy and  he don’t have any idea about the politics  but still he took the responsibility of the state and goes to secretariat. Because of small incidents he changes his mind  and he committed to his job. Rest of the story is about how he fights for his father and continues as the CM of the state.

Pros :

The acting of Vijay deverakonda was highlighted as a sincere performance of the movie. He performed with ease as all his scenes as a CM have been executed well . The film has political scenarios featuring Tamil Nadu politics and they have been telecasted fearlessly. The entire political characters have been kept real.


Vijay’s fans will be disappointed a bit the heroism they were expecting from their star hero is missing in this film. Mehreen role looks out of place, but there is no entertainment in NOTA. The story was not so good.

Technical  Aspects :

Coming to the director Anand  Shankar , he has just done average job with this film. The music by C S Sam was not that much good but background music had some grip. The screenplay of the film is not much interesting , some of the dialogues connected to the crowd.