Starring : Nithiin, Rashmika Mandanna

Director : Venky Kudumula

Producers : Suryadevara Naga Vamsi

Music Director : Sagar Mahati

Release Date : 21/02/2020

Espicy Rating:

Nithiin and Rashmika Mandanna starrer Bheeshma, directed by Venky Kudumula, has hit the theatres on 21st Feberaury. Let’s see the story of Bheeshma.

 Story: Bheeshma(Nithin) falls in love with Chaitra(Rashmika), a senior employee in Bheeshma group of organic farming. The twist in the tale arises when Bheeshma is appointed as the CEO of the company  and the owner of the company challenges him to prove his worth in 30 days or resign on 31st Day. Why is Bheeshma appointed as CEO? What will happen to his love story? To know this, answers, one should watch the movie Bheeshma on the silver screen.

Plus Points:

·         Nithiin

·         Direction

·         Entertainment

·         Vennela Kishore comedy

 Minus Points:

·         Story

·         Routine Climax

Performance: The young actor Nithin gets a very good role after a long time and  has given fantastic performance. His comedy timing is hilarious and the way he delivers the comedy punches with expressions is the plus points of the film. Rashmika Mandanna looks cute on the screen and her chemistry with  Rashmika Mandanna is top notch. She has danced well in the film Bheeshma. Sampath Raj as the cop  is ok and his scenes with Nithin also evoked good comedy. Heebah Patel gets a small role, and she is ok in it. Rest of the cast performed accordingly.

Technical:  The music by Mahati Swara Sagar is a big asset to Bheshma. The cinematography gives the movie a rich and trendy look. The editing is smooth. The writing is superb for a commercial entertainer. Production values of Bheeshma are top notch. Dialogues are funny and the screenplay is also witty and narrates the film in a breezy way.  Director Venky Kudumula does good job as he picks a simple story of organic farming and added good humor in Bheehma.

Analysis: Overall Bheeshma is romantic comedy that has well packaged entertainment.