Jeorge Reddy

Starring : Sandeep Madhav, Devika Daftardar, Sanjay Reddy, Manoj Nandam

Director : Jeevan Reddy

Producers : Appi Reddy

Music Director : Suresh Bobbili

Release Date : 22/11/2019

Espicy Rating:

‘George Reddy’, which has successfully generated a great buzz , directed by Jeevan Reddy, has finally arrived at the theatres today on 22nd November 2019.

Story: George Reddy (Sandeep Madhav) is a brilliant student who joins Osmania University and starts raising his voice against the various problems on the campus. Within no time, he becomes famous but this does not go well with the rival gangs and they plan and kill him. How all this happens is the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

·         Sandeep Madhav

·         BGM

·         Fights

·         Cinematography

Minus Points:

·         Predictable story

·         Editing

·         Climax

 Performance: Sandeep Madhav gets into the skin of the rebel leader. He has given fantastic performance. The way he transformed his body language into a frail student who fights against the system is appreciable. Satyadev and Chaitanya Krishna did a decent job. The guy who played the friend of George and another guy who eliminates George Reddy are fine. The rest of the cast justify with their roles.

 Technical: Technically, the film George Reddy is brilliant. Suresh Bobbili’s music and BGM are top-notch. Action sequences especially the Fire Ball fight are excellent. Production Values are appropriate. Jeevan Reddy need to be appreciated for re-creating the whole era in a magnificent manner. The camerawork, and production design are top-notch.  The dialogues are decent.

Analysis: The first half of George Reddy has mostly college politics.  The second half slows down a bit as there is not much motive in the movie and the proceedings are quite predictable.