Hushar Telugu Movie

Starring : Teju Kurapati, Abhinav Medisetty, Dinesh Tej, Tejas Kancherla

Director : Sri Harsha Konuganti

Producers : Beckam Venugopal

Music Director : Radhan

Release Date : December 14, 2018

Espicy Rating:

The song 'Undiporadhe' from the film 'Hushar' had gained the attention of the youth. The new director Sri Harsha  Konuganti has directed this film and this film was released today. Let's see how this movie is ...


Chay, Dhruva, Arya, Bunty are the four close friends. They didn't have an interest in studies so they started enjoying their life. They always want to be together but chay affected by cancer. The remaining three wants to save chay from death. So the story runs on this storyline that what they will do to save their friend.


Chay, Dhruva, Arya, and Bunty are the main characters of the film. All those who have acted in the very natural way in those roles have been highlighted in the movie. Rahul Ramakrishna is another major attraction of the film. He has tried to keep the film with his best comedy timing. Director Shri Harsh has succeeded in making the story to connect with the youth.


The story of Sri Harsha's was not new. He has led the story of Targeting the Youth, and he has written double meaning dialogues that can connect to the youth but not the family audience. 

And the director who wanted to entertain with Rahul Ramakrishna was a bit overwhelmed by the comedy in many places. Love track is not new in this movie too.


Though the story was old, the director tried to make magic and was able to win much of that effort, but he was not happy with all sections. Radhan music is highlighted. Especially 'Song Undiporadhe' will be remembered by the audience for a long time.

The sunny background score is good as well as the Raj Thota camera performance also very nice. Vijay Vardhan is editing is good. Producer Beckam Venugopal spent more on this film.

Bottom Line:

This movie only for youth not for the family audience.