Starring : Rajinikanth, Nivetha Thomas, Nayantara, Suniel Shetty

Director : AR Murugadoss

Producers : Allirajah Subaskaran

Music Director : Anirudh Ravichander

Release Date : 09/01/2020

Espicy Rating:

Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth, Nayantara, Nivetha Thomas and Sunil Shetty starrer Darbar helmed  by AR Murugadoss, has hit the theaters today. Let’s see the story.

 Story: Aditya Arunachalam (Rajinikanth), an Assistant Commissioner of Police, is assigned to clean the city Mumabi from the drug mafia. He kills the people associated with it  and he nabs Ajay Malhotra (Prateik Babbar), a major drug supplier, who is the son of gangster Hari Chopra (Suniel Shetty). Later Chopra kills Aditya’ daughter and the cat-mouse games start between Aditya and Hari. What happens next, form rest of the story.

 Plus Points:

·         Rajinikanth

·         Nivetha Thomas

·         Action sequences

·         Father- daughter bonding

·         Screenplay

 Minus Points:

·         Story

·         No real twists

Performance:   The father and daughter's moments are highlighted in Darbar, Rajinikanth in the role of bad cop has given his best. He shines in his role.  Rajinikanth’s character has multiple layers in Darbar. Nayantara is wasted, but Nivetha Thomas has got a fantastic role. She has done her part with dedication. Suniel Shetty's characterisation is ok and people expected a lot better confrontation scenes between the hero and the villain. Rest of the cast perform accordingly.

Technical: Rajinikanth, perhaps, is the only star in Indian cinema who has the power to make a weakly-written script watchable on some level. The cinematographer Santosh Sivan uses the colours and lens for each frame and make the entire film look classy. Composer Anirudh Ravichander’s songs are a failure of epic proportions. But the Background score are top notch. None of the songs except for Chumma Kizhi works well on screen.   The editing is good. The production value of Lyca productions are top notch. The movie has predictable story.

Analysis: The first half of Darbar is quite enjoyable due to the style and swag of Rajinikanth.  But the second half is a huge let-down  with shoddy sets and innumerable shoot-outs. Darbar has the longest flashback in the history of a movie.