Bangari Balaraju Telugu Movie

Starring : Raghav, Karuna Kathirine, Meena Kumari

Director : Kotendra Duyala

Producers : KMD Rafi, Reddam Raghavendra Reddy

Music Director : Chinni Krishna, Chitti Babu Reddy

Release Date : 25th October 2018

Espicy Rating:

Bangari Balaraju was directed by Kotendra Dudyala's starring Raghav,Karuna Kathirine,Meena Kumari has released today on 25th October,2018.The romantic entertainer bankrolled by KMD Rafi,Reddam Raghavendra Reddy.


Balaraju(Raghav) is happy go lucky guy,who lives in a village with his friends.The unexpected incident he spots the eyes of Bangari(Karonya) and fall in love with her.After that he comes to know that the girl was the daughter of his village head Jagga Reddy,When jagga reddy comes to know the about her daughter, he starts to create a problem for Balaraju.What happens next?How will he marry to Bangari to know more have watch on the screens.


Raghav was good in his role as Balaraju,except with his emotional scenes and he did a good job with this movie. Dookudu fame shravan plays the key role and was good with his part.The heroine looked glamorous and performed well loving girl Meena Kumari role in the movie was highlighted with the emotional and balanced role.


The director selects a decent concept with his execution was horrible.The first half of the movie goes for a toss and flow of the film completely.The hero's characterization is not that much impressive.


Camerawork by J L Babu was quite impressive as he showcased the low budget film in a decent manner.Music was decent,the way that the songs werre placed made them disappointing.Editing was bad as many scenes in both halves could not have edited.Coming to the director Kotendra,he is the one who is blamed for boring execution as his taking had no depth at all.


Raghav steals the show his powerful and realistic performance.He mesmerized the electrifying emotions and expressions,his dialogue delivery is superb.Karuna Kathirine played her role excellently.Meena kumari's performance is one of the factors that work for this movie. Dookudu fame shravan gets an crucial role and performs well.Comedians Kirrak RP,Jabardasth Bobby and rest of the cast performed accordingly.