Upasana With Sathya Nadella

Published on Jan 23,2019 12:34 PM
Upasana With Sathya Nadella

Those who run the business are enthralled by an entrepreneur. Now Upasana Konidela is known as one of the best entrepreneurs. She shows her talent in the  Industry Best Business Billion Dollar Business Deals in the World.

If any entrepreneurial conference held anywhere in Telugu states then Upasana and Brahmani will get a compulsory call. We have seen how much these two entertain at the entrepreneurial conference held in Hyderabad. Both of them are making plans constantly with new trends in business. Recently, Upasana met the  Microsoft CEO 'Sathya Nadella' For the new business deal.

The deal is about the issue in the expansion of the Apollo Groups. "If the software becomes sophisticated, simplicity will be possible in the work. It can be more profitable with less labour power. So she discussed the point in the meeting with Satya Nadella.

Upasana Shared through twitter that their immediate task is to make the most advanced health care system in the world by working with Microsoft. Medical Shops, Jims, Health Goods sales have already reached worldwide and this deal is more useful for the expansion of Apollo.