RGV'S Lakshmi's NTR Trailer Release Date

Published on Feb 11,2019 11:16 AM
RGV'S Lakshmi's NTR Trailer Release Date

GV FILMS presents the trailer of the most dynamic love story ever of NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi on Feb 14th Valentine’s Day at 9.27 AM. RGV’s film is a love story mixed with ungrateful families disloyal followers and backstabbing betrayers. GET READY FOR THE TRUE STORY. NTR defied his family and his party to hold the hand of Lakshmi Parvathi and it is this mysterious and dynamic love story, what RGV is making in his unique style attempting it as a wake-up call to all the truths sleeping for more than 20 years. This Valentine’s Day has been selected for the bothersome trailer to many to be released. The poster of the film which was released on Twitter trended for long and went viral.

The story of Lakshmi’s NTR will show a completely dark and an ultra-secret side of the legendary man who is revered by crores of Telugu people but was backstabbed by a handful of people. Apart from baring open the mysterious relationship NTR shared with Lakshmi Parvathi for whom he went all out, the film will also explore what the secret reasons of their relationship were.

Though the topic is controversial in nature and may not go down well with a handful of people who will prefer the secrets to be buried forever, it is a story that all Telugu people deserve to know on what happened in those last days of NTR when fate was forced upon him. To all the backstabbers of NTR, this film will come as a front stabber

Instead of only being a film that shows the known aspects of the actor, Lakshmi’s NTR will show a lot of dark details of the actor’s various relationships and also the various people’s relationships with him. To sum up, this story is poised like a sword in terms of shredding disloyalties, ungratefulness and backstabbing. 

What’s more, this will be a very unexpected and non-familiar take on new information about a lot of old information. This films intention is to brighten the darkness that surrounded a man who brought light into millions of peoples lives. And RGV is going to give a glimpse into the film this February 14 when the trailer releases at 9.27AM which will

aim to front stab all the backstabbers of NTR. AGV RGV Films Presents.

Directed By Ram Gopal Varma & Agasthya Manju,

Produced By Rakesh Reddy & Deepthi Balagiri

Director of Photography: Rammy

Written By Ram Gopal Varma & Narendra Chary

Music: Kalyan Koduri

Editing: Kamal R

Costume Designer: Venkatesh Jakkula

Choreographer: Shankar Master

Lyrics: Sira Sri

PRO: GSK Media 

Executive Producer: Surya Chowdary 

Production Controller: Pondy 

Sound Design: Yethiraj