I Got Very Excited Working For 'GangLeader'. Everyone Will Enjoy It - Natural Star Nani

Published on Sep 08,2019 08:39 AM
I Got Very Excited Working For 'GangLeader'. Everyone Will Enjoy It - Natural Star Nani

Natural Star Nani's upcoming film is  'Nani's Gangleader' Directed by Versatile Director Vikram K Kumar with a different concept. '. Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravishankar, Mohan (CVM) are producing this film in Mythri Movie Makers banner. The Trailer and Songs of the film have raised expectations bar among the audiences. The recently released promotional song creating a lot of buzz on the film. 'Nani's Gangleader' is releasing worldwide on Sep 13th. On this occasion, Nani speaks about the film. Here's the interview.
How did GangLeader Start?

 Vikram and I used to discuss many ideas. One day he told about this film. I instantly liked it and said ok. By that time I started shooting for 'Jersey'. I asked him to develop the story completely in the meantime. That's how 'GangLeader' started immediately after 'Jersey'.

Vikram's movies have a complicated screenplay. Did 'GangLeader' too follow the same pattern?

- I can say that 'GangLeader' is less complicated among Vikram's films. Though the film has twists and turns, they are not dealt in complicated manner. At the same time, this is the most entertaining film among Vikram's works.
Tell us about your character in the film?
- My character's name is Pencil Parthasarathy. 'Pencil' is my pen name. Though he writes many books, his books won't sell. But, he thinks about himself that he is a great writer. The film will have much more entertainment than in the trailer.
Who suggested the title 'GangLeader?

- Vikram suggested it. While I was practicing cricket for 'Jersey', He came and said that he thinking about 'GangLeader' as the title. I got very excited and agreed to it.
 What are the aspects of the film that excite you?

- Most of the films depict revenge in a violent manner. They have many dialogues and fights. The aspect of dealing with the revenge concept in an entertaining way excited me the most. Also, playing a revenge writer who helps four women also made me love this script. You all will get more excited while watching the film in theatres.
How do you feel while Vikram narrating this story?
- The way Vikram narrates a story is very funny. The film will become a blockbuster even if the audience enjoys half of what I have enjoyed while listening to the script.
About Production Values?
- Everyone knows about the Production Values of Mythri Movies. They have made many great movies. Their uncompromised attitude about budget brought the best output for this film.
Lakshmi Garu is doing an important role after 'Oh baby'. How is it working with her?
-  Lakshmi garu, Saranya garu will entertain with their terrific comedy timing in the film. Some scenes came out hilarious where mine and their comedy timing are in perfect sync. They are the major strength for me in the film. The audience will enjoy those scenes.
What is the reason for selecting Kartikeya in a negative role?
- Kartikeya's role has a lot of importance in the film. I was not sure whether he will do it or not when Vikram narrated him the story. But, once Vikram went and gave a narration, he immediately agreed to do it. I felt very happy knowing that he is on board for this film. His is a very interesting role. I thought it will be impactful if any hero portrays it.  That's why we considered some heroes for that role and Kartikeya did it. Many will talk about that character after the release.
About Anirudh's Music?
- Anirudh's music carries energy in it. That's why we opted for him in this film. Vikram also wanted to work with Anirudh for a long time. We had discussions to go with him during 'Jersey' but, we felt that he is perfect for this film.
Are you happy about 'Jersey' success?
- I am extremely happy with 'Jersey'. It is an experiment we did beyond the boundaries of the Telugu cinema. It collected a theatrical share of 30 crores worldwide. Now it is getting remade in many languages. Apart from Theatrical rights, it got good revenue from remake rights and satellite rights. It is getting ready to release in China as well. It brought profits for the makers.
Is there any chance of a bilingual film from you?
- I am aware of what happened when I tried bilingual in the past. That's why I am afraid of bilinguals. When everything falls in place with a superb script along with all elements those will suit both languages, then only I will do it. I don't feel it right about doing a bilingual just for the sake of revenue.
Which film is tougher for you to do, Jersey or GangLeader?
- I used to strain for 'Jersey' both physically and mentally. But, working for 'GangLeader' is fun and the shoot went smooth because of Vikram.
How do you feel about your 11 years of career in films?
-  I can't believe it's already 11 years since I started my career in films. I worked hard to get to this stage. I heartfully thank fans and audiences who are supporting me through this journey.
About your next projects?
- The second schedule of 'V' will start in Thailand from September 15th. Three more movies are in pipeline. It is yet to be finalized which one will start first among them. I will decide about them after the completion of 'V'.