Houston Promotion To Mega SyeRaa

Published on Oct 01,2019 10:34 AM
Houston Promotion To Mega SyeRaa
The Historical pre-independence plot movie SyeRaa Narasimha Reddy by Mega Star Chiranjeevi is being promoted in North America Texas state Houston city by Mega fans Ravi Varre and Badruddin Pitter, along with over hundred Houston Mega Fans. 
This Mega SyeRaa event has special guest “Sri. Uyyalawada Srinivasulu” Great Grandson of Sri. Uyyalawada Budda Reddy ( Buddanna ), who fought for country along with Epic hero Sri. Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, until the last breath. 
Sri Ravi Varre addressed the event attendees the association he has with Mega Star and his family. His Childhood memories since Jagadeka Veerudu ( 1991 ) to until Kaidhi 150. Kaidhi 150 hungama in Houston. Texas and all over USA. The Bus Promotion from Houston to Atlanta and Mega Car rally in Texas cities. 
Sri Badruddin Pitter expressed his happiness as the Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy belongs to his native place and the Banagana palle and Koyilakuntla British battlefields. Badruddin narrated the Uyyalawada stories since his childhood and appreciated MegaStar Chiranjeevi as Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.
Special guest to this Mega Event, Sri. Sagar Lagisetti garu from Atlanta Georgia, addressed the audience his Kaidhi to Kaidhi 150 movie Hungama, his childhood memories from Vizag MegaStar benefit show ticket struggles, and his association with Mega Family. 
Sri Rajesh Yallabandi appreciated the world wide SyeRaa movie distributers, as the movie is releasing first time in places like Alaska, Caribbean islands, Latin America and Central America. The Epic battle saga of Telugu warrior story being introduced to Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, North Indian and world wide audiences, it is proud movement to every Telugait and respect to every Freedom Fighters. 
Sri Gopal Gudapati addressed his association with Mega Star Family, his Mega association during Chiranjeevi visit to USA and back home during his visit. Sri. Gudapati wished all the best to the movie crew.
Sri. Annapurna wished the best to the movie and SyeRaa will be historical bench mark to Telugu Cinema. 
Sri. Venkat Seelam wished the Crew and movie maker Sri. Ram Charan Teja best wishes. 
Sri. Suresh Pagadala addressed his association with Sri. Uyyalawada Srinivas family with him. Special thanked Sri. Uyyalawada for accepting the invitation and attend the event. 
The special guest of the show, Sri. Uyyalawada Srinivasulu garu addressed audiences as his family involvement with freedom fight along with Sri. Narasimha Reddy. His great grandfather Sri. Budda Reddy gari association with Sri. Narasimha Reddy, and, their fight against Britishers until their last breath. He explained how Britishers threaten the entire Freedom fighters families and the disturbance of the families. Sri. Uyyalawada special thanked Sri. Ram Charan Teja on this occasion. 
Suresh Satti, Srinivas Kimidi, Manoj Thota, Nagu Kunasani, Chaitanya Kuchipudi, Jai Kumar Tanneru, Malleswar Enugu, Kalyan Uppu, Subbarao Valisetty, Gangadhar Mosuru, Ram Puram.. and many Houston Mega Fans attended and helped the logistics of this SyeRaa Event.