Pawan Kalyan Fake Pic Goes Viral

Published on Apr 15,2019 01:04 PM

An old pic of Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan is going viral on the social media in which Pawan Kalyan is seen in a new look with a shaved beard and a hair cut. Various memes are also circulating on this new look of Pawan Kalyan.  Few people also commented that Pawan Kalyan is planning to make him come back in movies. Finally, the sources close to Jana Sena President have refuted the rumour and confirmed the news that the pic is old.Jana Sena reporters have quashed the reports of Pawan Kalyan undergoing a hair cut and getting his beard cut. They have confirmed the news that Pawan Kalyan is maintaining the same look as contested elections in Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka.

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Samantha Supports TDP

Published on Apr 12,2019 04:59 PM

King Nagarjuna is always seen as the supporter of YSR Family but his bahu Samantha is giving a shock to him as she is supporting a TDP candidate.  Samantha is campaigning for a TDP candidate named Satya Prasad. When a fan of hers asked her the same question on twitter to which Samantha replied that she is only promoting the candidate Satya Prasad as his sibling is her personal doctor whom she had known for a long time.Samantha Akkineni wrote on her Twitter, “Yes family friend .. my support is personally towards him. I know him and his sister @DrManjula_A since the time I moved to Hyderabad .. hence I support because he is a good person.” According to Majili actress, she has a good relationship with the TDP candidate’s family so she has come in the support of him. 

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Jana Sena Candidate Arrested For Damaging EVM

Published on Apr 12,2019 11:04 AM

The police have arrested Jana Sena MLA candidate Madhusudhan Gupta for breaking the EVM by smashing it on the floor in a polling booth in the Guntakal Assembly constituency of Anantapur district,  today on Thursday. According to the police report, he entered into an argument with polling staff over faulty EVM. He was angry with polling staff over names of Assembly and Parliament constituencies not being displayed properly. He lifted the EVM and threw it on the floor, and the machine was damaged in the incident. When the police received this information, they rushed to the polling station and took him into custody. However, Madhusudhan Gupta’s followers tried to stop police from arresting him and raised the slogans against the police.

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Khushbu Slaps Youth In Congress Rally

Published on Apr 12,2019 10:58 AM

Actress Khushbu Sundar slapped a Congress party worker. According to the latest update, she slapped on the face of youth when she was campaigning for Rizwan Arshad with Shantinagar MLA Nalapad Ahmed Haris in Bangalore on Wednesday.According to her, she slapped the Congress party work after he misbehaved with her during a rally in Bangalore. On Wednesday, Khushbu Sundar came out of his residence along with Rizwan and Shantinagar MLA, and when she was heading towards the vehicle for the rally, the Congress party worker misbehaved with her. Now a video of Khushbu Sundar slapping the youth is going viral on social media. After this incident, Khushbu retweeted the post of Sagay Raj P, who shared the slapping video on social media and wrote, "This is called Kapala Moksha in Kannada. @khushsundar slapped a man who tried to misbehave with her while campaigning for Bengaluru Central Candidate. Even a few lady reporters who are subjected to this kind of harassment should learn from Kushboo. #LokSabhaElections2019"

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Sri Reddy Comments On Pawan Kalyan

Published on Apr 12,2019 10:54 AM

Once again Sri Reddy has made comments on Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan and urged her fans to not vote him. She said that Pawan Kalyan is only getting the support from Mayawati and no party is giving support to Jana Sena. Sri Reddy wrote on her Facebook, “There is no central party support to Pawan Kalyan except maaya..if you guys will support him, that could be a blunder mistake..don't vote for his party”Interestingly, the controversial Telugu actress  Sri Reddy's issues with Pawan Kalyan started when he criticized her for stripping in public and sensationalising her fight against casting couch/ s*xual harassment. On several occasion, she has attacked Pawan Kalyan. Recently she also called Pawan Kalyan 'worst qualified politician in the State'.

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